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Song Premiere: James Intveld “Let’s Talk It Out” AMERICANA HIGHWAYS - LISTEN NOW!

Video Premiere: "With the meaning of the song as uncomplicated as the track (in the best way!), James Intveld is back with "Let's Talk It Out." THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION - WATCH NOW!

“Let’s Talk It Out” has all the swing of Wynn Stewart with the swagger of Buddy Holly." - Mule Kick Records


"James Intveld, I bow down to you." -- John Waters


"Gritty west coast country icon James Intveld's new single is built on honest and illuminating relationship advice, 'Let's Talk It Out'" - Holler

Listen/Buy the new James Intveld single

“Let’s Talk It Out” out now!


James Intveld has a new single, and it’s his first new music release since 2008.
Intveld, whose early inspirations include country crooners Hank Williams, Sr., Lefty Frizzell, early R&B shouters Big Joe Turner and Fats Domino, and rock and roll pioneers Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, is staying true to his iconic roots. 


“Let’s Talk It Out” was recorded in Orange, CA and features Marty Rifkin on pedal steel (Glen Campbell, Tom Petty),  Bob Gothar on guitar (Heather Myles), Michael Turner on guitar, Kip Dabbs on drums. The track has all the swing of Wynn Stewart with the swagger of Buddy Holly. 


His early days as a California country kid in Compton put him on a well documented path, playing with everyone from The Mavericks to Nick 13, directing and acting in Hollywood movies with Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen, Willam Dafoe, Billy Bob Thorton, River Phoenix and David Carradine. He composed hits for cult legends like Wanda Jackson and Rosie Flores and gained a following of thousands in the US and Europe who continue to join his live streams each week. 


Those who know him have heard the stories of the archetypal rebel - the masterful multi-instrumentalist whose brother’s life was lost while on tour with the great Rick Nelson; the grandfather of west coast country rock. They know of his fierce spirit toward traditional country music.  They know of his contributions to The Blasters, Dwight Yoakam, Dale Watson, and others while in league with the brightest and most ambitious musicians of the day at the Palomino Club of North Hollywood. They heard that he dubbed vocals for Johnny Depp in the movie Cry Baby and dueted with Reese Witherspoon for the movie Walk The Line. His place in the Hollywood scene was that of a player who would pop up for a session with Bob Dylan and show up on TV with Levon Helm and Kinky Friedman.
His story is as deep and complex in California as the San Andreas fault line.


However, James is causing a stir here and now. Having been well received on the first ever Outlaw Country Cruise West, showcasing at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville during the Western Edge exhibit launch (recognizing the influence of Los Angeles on post-modern country music) and helping produce “Palomania” - the definitive documentary on The Palomino Club and the untold history of California country, he is poised for a new release. 
His refined aesthetic and iconic personal style has artists like Charlie Crockett inspired to don country western suits with string neck-ties. 


James will join Mule Kick Productions’ record label and stable of artists for this release - the label is dedicated to supporting the carriers of the torch of west coast country and roots music.  
“Let’s Talk It Out” will be available on all platforms March 10, 2023

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